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Tupper Lake Feasibility Study On Wetlands Crossings

A feasibility study should be done soon in Tupper Lake after the board approved a plan to put five wetlands crossings into the town owned golf course’s cross country ski trails. The blueprint from GYMO Engineering would include boardwalk style crossings with no handrails which could accommodate two pedestrians side by side or an ATV. The plan would cost about $4,500 to implement.

Cryptomining Considerations In Lake Placid

Sign of the times…Lake Placid is in the preliminary research phase of dealing with cryptomining. It’s born from cryptocurrency that is currency given value by a group of people but isn’t recognized by official governments or treasuries. As the Adirondack Daily Enterprise reports, cryptomining involves computers continuously solving highly intricate math problems. The more a bitcoin is valued, the harder the math problem gets and the longer it takes to “find” a bitcoin. This process requires a lot of energy. For that reason, Plattsburgh recently put a moratorium on cryptomining and Tupper Lake is also considering one.

A Whodunit To Raise Funds For Film Society

The Adirondack Film Society (AFS) is pleased to announce, as its spring fundraiser, the “Old
Hollywood Mud Season Murder Mystery: A Participatory Whodunit,” happening on Thursday,
May 3rd, at 7 p.m. at LPCA. The event features a generous display of sumptuous hors d’oeuvres,
an open beer and wine bar, a troupe of professional actors who stage the “murder” and then
oversee the investigation—and YOU, who along with the other guests, are invited to track down
the “murderer(s)” by detecting and interpreting the clues he, she or they have left behind. You’re
bound to have a killer of a time!
Admission to this one-of- a-kind, high-style, film-noirish event is $100 per person and $150 per
couple, and advance reservations are required.

Miracle On Ice Fantasy Camp Wraps Up In Lake Placid

65 hockey fans are waking up this morning with gold medals from the 4th annual Miracle on Ice Fantasy Camp which wrapped up Wednesday after four days at the Olympic Center. Fourteen members of the 1980 Miracle On Ice team were in attendance, as was Ralph Cox, the finaly player cut by coach Herb Brooks that year. The bronze and gold medal games were held Wednesday before the campers were sent packing with their medals and memories.

Pay Raises For State Lawmakers?

The possibility of a pay raise for state lawmakers has been added to the bargaining mix as Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders worked Wednesday to pass a new budget ahead of a deadline. Sunday is the start of a new state fiscal year and the deadline for a new budget. But lawmakers want to finish in time for the Jewish holiday of Passover, which begins Friday at sunset, or Easter, which is Sunday. Lawmakers are paid $79,500 a year, not including stipends they can earn for leadership posts. A pay commission would be created to consider boosting the salary for the first time since the late 1990s

State Mandate Could Hit Area Fire Companies Hard In The Wallet

With a state mandate that all volunteer fire companies need to pay for cancer insurance for anyone using an air tank to enter a building, some are concerned about the impact locally. How it will work is the state is setting up an insurance fund for firefighters who develop cancer and local departments will have to pay between $360 and $380 for every member they have who deals with interior fire attacks. For instance, in Tupper Lake, they have 18 interior attack members, which would cost the department between $6,480 and $6,840 each year for the insurance cost alone.

Moonrise Hike Scheduled This Weekend

A moonrise hike dawns in Chesterfield this weekend as Champlain Area Trails (CATS) shows off the group’s newest trail . The event happens as the second blue moon of 2018 makes an appearance.
The hike will begin at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 31 at Trembleau Mountain. CATS calls the hike pretty easy family friendly and has specactular views of the the Adirondacks. Find out more at

Public Meetings To Talk High Peaks Wilderness Management

As state environmental officials get ready to amend the management plan for the High Peaks Wilderness Area, they’re planning on holding a public meeting. It will happend at Newcomb Central School on April 3rd at 6pm. The management plan was written nearly 20 years ago and since, tens of thousands of acres of land have been added to the wilderness area. The agency wants to hear from citizens concerning their thoughts where to take land matters. Along with the public meeting, written comments will be accepted until April 20th, plus more public meetings are in the works.

Franklin County Coroner Back In Business

A resolution passed by the Franklin County board will fill the position of county coroner. Due to some misplaced paperwork filed by Shawn Stuart, who won re-election in November, the office was declared vacant because the papers got lost in the shuffle and weren’t filed by a January 31st deadline. Apparently the town clerk was out sick and personnel where Stuart filed didn’t realize his paperwork had to be forwarded to the county clerk in Malone. He’s back in business now and plans to run for office again in November.

Ground Broken On Tupper Lake Bandshell

Construction is getting underway in earnest on the bandshell in Tupper Lake. The plot of land is near the shore of Raquette Pond in Flanders Park. Once complete, they hope to attract local and national musicians to the venue, plus a Shakespeare in the Park series and school plays. The shell itself is being built off site, then shipped here to be reconstructed on site. The roughly price tag is being funded through a $282,000 Local Waterfront Revitalization grant.